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Life can be very demanding, but especially formidable for those with special needs. We are Aaron and Donna Diehl, owners of Roadhouse Roots and the proud parents of three wonderful children: Cooper--22, Olivia--20, and Chase—14. Our boys are high functioning on the autism spectrum. This has posed challenges for them but we are happy to report they are thriving. Over the years, we have observed with admiration our boys facing obstacles head on with uncommon fortitude and strength. We have often shared with one another that raising our brood has uniquely placed us in the role of student as our children have taught us more than we have them. Our kids and others like them are a lesson for us all to live each day with gratitude and grace and are the inspiration behind Roadhouse Roots.

How it all began

Cooper had expressed to us that he had wanted to own a business. After some thought we realized that with Cooper’s exuberant and out-going personality combined with his flair for creative short-order concoctions, he might be a natural fit for food truck ownership. Then a few years later we learned that friends had also opened their own successful food trucks so we finally took the leap of faith. We jumped in with the idea in mind that our children would not only gain practical business knowledge and learn the value of self-employment, but also other important life lessons. Our hope is that in the future our kids will take over the business.

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What's a Frone?

A "Frone" is our solution to the never ending battle of deliciousness and convenience. It combines a full meal and the eatability of an ice cream cone. Delicious combinations of pulled pork meals over fries are a must - try the "Gastro Hash Frone", its a crowd favorite!


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