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We are Aaron and Donna Diehl, owners of Roadhouse Roots and the proud parents of three wonderful children: Cooper--24, Olivia--22, and Chase—17. Cooper had expressed to us that he had wanted to own a business. After some thought we realized that with Cooper’s exuberant and out-going personality combined with his flair for creative short-order concoctions, he might be a natural fit for food truck ownership. Then a few years later we learned that friends had also opened their own successful food trucks so we finally took the leap of faith. We jumped in with the idea in mind that our children would not only gain practical business knowledge and learn the value of self-employment, but also other important life lessons. Our hope is that in the future our kids will take over the business.

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Donna is a former high school business and computer science teacher who resigned in order to raise our children. After years of advocacy and re-teaching at home, Donna is thrilled about the lifestyle change this venture brings. Donna wears many hats at Roadhouse Roots. You will see her lugging coolers during set-up and tear-down and is the Roadhouse Roots Principal Chef. Donna developed the business plan and design concepts for the truck and menu items while behind the scenes, she manages the daily operations of the business.


Aaron is keeping his day job as a Principal Solutions Engineer at Oracle America, but is excited about the weekend warrior food truck lifestyle. He wears many hats at Roadhouse Roots. You will see him lugging coolers during set-up and tear- down. He’s also a Roadhouse Roots chef while behind the scenes, Aaron manages most of the business financials.


Graduated from high school in 2015, completed some college courses and then switched to an automotive school while holding down a part-time job. He recently completed an automotive refinishing internship and is working at a Frederick body shop. Cooper helps us on weekends with set-up and tear down and is also our sous chef and the exuberant “MC” of the Roadhouse Roots Pick- up window.


Graduated in 2017, is taking college courses and is a talented artist. Olivia is working part-time providing respite care for parents of special needs children on the autism spectrum. Like her brothers, Olivia also wears many hats for Roadhouse Roots. Tiny, but no slacker, she too will be doing some heavy lifting and running errands. Olivia’s chief role at Roadhouse Roots is hostess and cashier while behind the scenes, also manages our social media.


Chase is in 10th grade this year. He also helps with set-up and tear-down. On occasion, he will greet you with his big sweet smile while manning the drink cooler, maintaining the condiment table and handing out menus.


What's a Frone?

A "Frone" is our solution to the never ending battle of deliciousness and convenience. It combines a full meal and the eatability of an ice cream cone. Delicious combinations of pulled pork meals over fries are a must - try the "Gastro Hash Frone", its a crowd favorite!


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